Adult friendly Paxum E-Wallet for cam models

Adult friendly Paxum E-Wallet for cam models

Paxum E-Wallet: Why You Need It in Your Camming Business

Imagine working so hard as a webcam model and having to wait longer than your agreed payment period to get your pay. In the meantime, you are drowning in bills but do not have the energy to take up another job since your current one is already draining you. Well, now you can smile at your landlord because Paxum is here to save you, and your employer too.

Know more about Paxum

Paxum Inc. is a Canadian-based company helping businesses across the globe to have consistent cash flow. It does this by pre-paying their invoices, and members enjoy low fees for the service. Paxum has been operation since 2007, providing payment services to firms within and outside the US. Paxum has over the last years developed Paxum e-wallet after forging strong relationships with leading webcamming studios. Paxum e-wallet facilitates instant payments for owners of webcam studios who then send the payments to their models or performers.

The closure of First Choice Bank, one of the top company offering e-wallet to the adult entertainment industry, was the silver lining to Paxum. Personal and business account holders flocked to Paxum upon First Choice Bank closing down, propelling Paxum to be the primary e-wallet provider in the industry. First Choice Bank customers have no complaints since Paxum does not charge them additional fees for switching and offers them replacement cards instead.

The replacements are temporary, and the daily minimum and maximum deposits limits are $2000 and $5000 respectively, while the maximum monthly deposit limit is $20,000. Further, the daily ATM withdrawal limit of $1000, but since these limits are temporary, they are likely to increase in future. Still, as a member, you can enjoy benefits such as access to detailed financial statements facilitate accounting, no signup or monthly fees, and a free card delivery to any address in the US and internationally.

Apart from these advantages, you get to choose your withdrawal preference from three choices: wire transfer, transfer money to another local bank account and using an external debit or credit card. Unfortunately, Paxum does not support personal accounts in the US; therefore, you must sign up for a business account. However, having a business account affords you many benefits including the flexibility to receive payments and settle invoices.

How to settle an invoice using a Paxum e-wallet

Paxum creates invoices twice, on the 5th and 20th of every month and after sending an invoice, payments fall due within the next five business days. For better services, Paxum alerts you through an email notification from once it creates an invoice, as well as sending a warning for any unpaid invoices. As a client, you have the option of creating a standing order such your US bank account will automatically deduct the amounts in invoices. The deduction also alerts the Collections department about the payments.

Paxum complies with anti-money laundering laws, and for this reason, the company has to identify all of its clients correctly. It does this through a verification process that lasts about a week, during which period you will not be allowed to receive or send payments. This verification process ensures that there is no fraud incidence and the invoice settlement is cheap, costing only $1 per invoice paid.

In what instances can you use your Paxum card?

Having a Paxum card is like having a key to heaven because you get to use it as much as you want. It does not restrict you with monthly maintenance fees or maintain a minimum balance. Besides, if you have a business account, you enjoy unlimited transactions with a reliable customer support service operating all year round every second of the day. Further, if you experience difficulty while using your card, you can contact them using your Paxum account, through a ticket available in the Message Center.

Apart from these advantages, the firm is continually ensuring that adult-friendly e-wallet Paxum for cam models is a dependable service. Its cards have the MasterCard logo facilitating payment in any place that carries the logo. However, when buying online services, you should ensure that you have the correct billing address to avoid any future problems.

Is Paxum secure?

With the rise of the internet, online payments have become a target for hackers who can get your personal information and make unauthorized access to your account. Knowledge is power, and once it lands in the wrong hands, you are in severe trouble. Paxum understands this risk and therefore makes security a priority. For clients who are not tech-savvy, Paxum offers tutorials on safety to enable you to keep your identity and personal information private and confidential.

Just as our phones have blacklist application to protect ourselves from specific unwanted calls, Paxum has a whitelist for clients. Payout Whitelist enables clients to receive payments only from particular account holders such that they will never be blocked or flagged as threats. However, you must set up this feature and sign in for you to use it.

Payout whitelist is secure and involves a few steps. You will first have to log in to your Paxum account, after which you should click the security link. Once you click the link, the security directory page will load then you should click the payout whitelist link, which will prompt a new page to appear and you should click the “add an email” icon. You then proceed to add an email by typing the email address of a vendor or client you wish to have on your list. Once you enter the email address, click save which adds that address to your payout whitelist.

If you want to add other clients to the whitelist, all you do is follow the above steps. Once you activate this feature, it will link the email addresses in your whitelist with other emails attached to those accounts and mark them as trusted. Besides keeping you safe, it helps you track your payments as well as receipts.

Does Paxum help you to grow your business?

By now, you should have realized how Paxum works but if you still are unsure about its ability to help your business, here is how it does it. Whether you are a small businessman or own multiple branches across the globe, Paxum does not discriminate against any company. When you become a member and use their service, you can make payments to any number of payees. Whoever you are, wherever you are, business will stay as usual with Paxum because with the click of a button, you can instantly pay your customers.

Of course, as an entrepreneur, your aim is to maximize profits and the most effective way is to minimize your expenses. Paxum facilitates you in keeping your overheads low because it does not charge you any maintenance fees for your account, nor does it upset your cash flow by requiring to maintain a particular amount in your account as the minimum balance. Nest of all, you sign up your Paxum account free of charge. Further, unlike other online platforms that charge you a percentage for each payment you make, Paxum charges you a small fee only for the transactions you complete. Paxum supports businesses to expand and does not penalize you for your growth.

Does Paxum support multiple currencies?

Yes, it does. The US Dollar is the default currency for all account holders but Paxum, supporting businesses worldwide, supports other currencies such as:

  • Canadian dollar
  • Great Britain pound
  • Euro Dollar
  • Australian Dollar

Whichever currency you prefer to transact in, Paxum facilitates your set up with your account. To set up your default currency, you will have to log in to your Paxum account after which you should click on the profile settings you can find at the top of your menu bar. When you open this page, proceed to click on add new currency the select the currency you desire to use. Upon choosing the currency, click create an account at which point the page will refresh, taking you back to the main page for you to see the new currency you have just created.

You can send person to person (P2P) payments when using multiple currencies, where you can withdraw or add funds in your local currency. Moreover, you transfer with many accounts, but you should note that before completing transfers between accounts, banking partners impose a currency exchange rate.

How to use your Paxum card

Using a Paxum card is straightforward though the company cares about its users enough to provide an instruction manual detailing steps to activate your card. They send both the card and the manual through your mail.

Upon activating your card, you can use your Paxum card to withdraw funds from any ATM that has the MasterCard logo. However, withdrawing is not for free, and they charge a withdrawal fee of $2 for every withdrawal, and you have a limit of withdrawing USD 2500 daily. Besides withdrawing your money, you can make purchases in places that carry the logo, except for gambling institutions. In this case, you cannot use your Paxum card to pay your casino tab or place a bet.

If you are conducting a Point of Sale (POS) transaction, the card allows you to make only ten transactions within 24 hours. For instance, if you pay for your first POS transaction at 10 am on Thursday morning, you card limit will be rest again on Friday at 10 am.

What happens when you lose your ATM or PIN Number?

Well sometimes we have too many PINs (Personal Identification Numbers) it is hard to keep track which one is for which account, and we end up forgetting our ATM PIN. If this happens, do not be tempted to try your luck by guessing different numbers. If you do and after five attempts you still are not successful, Paxum card provider will block your card.

There is no point in risking your card being blocked yet you could have avoided such an incidence. Therefore, if you lose your PIN, sign in to your Paxum account and use the control panel to create a new password. Unlike other accounts that require you to remember your old password for you to make a change, this account does not.

Well, losing your PIN will cost you the same headache as losing your ATM, fearing that it will get in the wrong hands. If you do lose your Paxum card, always contact the ever available customer support. Also, to ensure better protection of your funds, you should transfer all the funds in your account to the Paxum checking account and limit unauthorized access. Remember that the customer support is available 24/7 in case you need further assistance.

How do you register for Paxum referrals?

So long as you are a verified Paxum account holder, you are eligible to enroll into Paxum’s referral commission programs. The referral program helps you make even more money because every time you take the initiative to recommend Paxum to another person by giving them your URL, you receive a reward in the form of a commission.

Enrolling in the program is a process that requires you to login to your account where you will view your account overview page. At this point scroll down until you get to the referral section, still on the account overview page. When you get to it, click the icon reading click here to enroll now which will take you to a new page that will give you insight into the referral programs as well as how much you can make. If you choose to continue, you should click to enroll and get the referral URL icon.

If you enroll, you will receive a notification through your email address, which will also contain an activation link which you must click to verify and activate the referral URL. Once you are an authenticated user, you will go back to the referrals section where you can view successful referrals, and your commissions earned.

Final verdict

As Paxum ensures your business makes significant strides financially, you should consider it as a viable option for making flexible payment options, as well as increasing your earnings through the referral program. Here at, you can link your Paxum e-wallet and start your journey to receiving your money most efficiently.

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