Can You Webcam From a Mobile Phone or Tablet?

Can You Webcam From a Mobile Phone or Tablet?

If you want to get started with adult webcamming, there are a few things to figure out before you get started. Knowing which site you will use, how you will get started, and what equipment you will need are some of the first things to think about.

Computer Gear

The equipment you will need is pretty simple. If you have a decent computer, one that is not too old or out of date, with a webcam built in or an external webcam added on, plus broadband Internet, you probably have what you need to get started. Many webcam sites are designed to function best with PCs, and so some are not very Mac friendly. Not to worry, though, because there is always a way to make it work if you are determined. For example, if you are a Mac user, you can get software to emulate a PC, or find a site that supports your Apple computer.


If you are thinking of getting into webcamming, you probably know about the basics of how it works. Basically, you are an attractive person, over 18 years old, who is willing to film yourself while you chat with strangers, and you want to earn some money for your time and efforts. Check out for more info on how it works and how to get started.

The process is pretty simple to get started. You will need legal proof of age and identity, such as a state-issued drivers license or a passport, for example. You will need some basic computer gear, such as laptop or home computer with at least an Intel i7 processor, and an Internet connection with high-speed upload over 450kpbs to get started. Most computers have a built-in webcam, but you will probably want to add an external webcam for highest quality video streaming.

Thoughts on Privacy

Although you are putting yourself out in public on the Internet to people who are strangers to you (at least at the start), there are ways to control your privacy and limit the risks that friends and family members who don’t know about your business will hear about your online work around town. While it isn’t exactly porn star work, and it doesn’t usually involve anyone in the room with you but yourself (although there are ways to set up a group or couples account, if you want to do your webcamming with others), there is still some negative stigma and potential impacts on your reputation around town, in the workplace, or in the family that you need to think of.

First, set all your personal social media accounts to private. Ideally don’t register your accounts with your full real name. Be sure that you know who all your friends and followers are, and don’t accept invites or friend requests from people you don’t know. This will help to limit the chances that a customer from your web camming business can search you by name or location and connect with you in real life without you knowing about it.

Second, set up unique social media accounts that are linked to your web-camming identity so that if clients do search for you online, they will be able to connect with you. You should definitely be using a nickname or “performer name” when you are online doing adult camming. Beyond just your screen name, like SuperHotSizzle, use an actual name (not your actual name), so that customers can think of you and interact with you like you are a real person.

Third, most adult camming sites have an option to limit the area or region that you will be streaming so that you can choose to not send your adult webcam stream to your state or area where it is more likely that you may be recognized. Use good judgment and think a bit about what you want to be known for, and make efforts to control your image and identity in public online when you are in the adult camming business.

Getting Set Up to Start

If you have a home computer or good laptop you will be using you are about ready to get started. Most modern computers and laptops have a webcam built in, so that, as long as you are in front of your computer, you are on camera. The question, though, is whether that is a good quality camera that will show you in the best way possible.

Test out your webcam setup before you start webcamming. If the picture quality isn’t great, think about upgrading to a simple external camera that you can plug in to your computer.

External Webcams

Not only will you probably get a much better picture quality with an external webcam, but you will gain some freedom of movement. Instead of being stuck in front of your computer, which is very limiting, especially with a PC home computer that doesn’t move easily, with an external camera you have mobility to move around your room, or even around your home.

Mobile Phone Webcamming

You’re used to using your phone for just about everything, from selfies to keeping up with social media, so it seems like it would be the easiest way to get started in webcamming with your smartphone. The good news is that you probably can do this, but there are a few issues to think about first.

To start with, you’ll probably need to download an app called Puffin from the web to use your mobile phone for camming. What this app does is limit the website traffic on your connection to save data for your business use, so that the streaming you do has the highest quality for customers to enjoy. Once you have the Puffin app downloaded, be sure to change settings to deactive data saving option (this will limit your streaming quality) and to block popups. You will have the choice to select desktop or mobile view. Select desktop view, and log in to your webcamming account.

On your account options, be sure to select the choice that allows the site to access your camera and microphone. Next you will choose the quality of video stream. With a good, fairly new phone and strong Internet connection you can choose an HD option, so that you look good with clear sharp video for clients.

Another setting to think about is the portrait or landscape option. When streaming webcam video from your phone or tablet, set the picture to landscape, which will switch your screen to widescreen on your display.

Data Limitations on Phones

To do adult camming from your phone you will need a 3G or 4G connection and plenty of data to use. Many phone plans come with limited data, which is a big problem. If you have a limited data plan, you will probably need a new phone plan with unlimited data, because streaming is known to consume your data at pretty quick rates, and when you use more, you will pay more. You don’t want all the money you might earn from webcamming to go to pay your extremely high phone bill if you’ve exceeded your data and end up using a lot more every month.

Even if you have unlimited data, the speed may be limited after you reach a certain limit. This can possibly be a big limitation, because without high-speed streaming, you probably won’t have much of a camming business. So you will need to do some calculation or trial-and-error to see how much you can stream and if you are able to keep going with limited streaming speeds, or upgrade to a different plan. Check out your phone plan and be sure that it has what you need, from a 3G or 4G connection to unlimited data.

Camera Quality

Another big question about using your mobile device for webcamming is the quality of the camera on your phone. The “selfie camera” that faces you on your phone is usually not the highest-quality camera. The whole point of webcamming is to provide your customers with a good clear image of you, doing whatever it is you do on camera for your clients. Many webcamming sites highlight models who use HD (high-definition) cameras with a fast Internet connection and good streaming quality. The picture quality is noticeably different between a good HD camera and a simple mobile phone camera, so you may want to think of an external webcam connected to your phone.

Tablet Camming

It makes more sense to use the computer or device that you already have to get started in adult camming, rather than invest a lot of money in new equipment to start. Even if what you have is just a tablet, you can use it rather than investing in a new laptop or home computer. This idea makes good sense. You may have a good quality tablet that you use for just about everything.

Most tablet connections are similar to smartphones, so the basics are the same. With a 3G or 4G connection and unlimited data, you should be able to use your tablet for webcamming on adult cam sites. The bonus with a tablet versus your smartphone is that you have a bigger screen. This helps you connect better with your clients and see yourself better than with a small size smartphone screen. Some models may even want to connect an external webcam to their tablet, so you are guaranteed to get an excellent image quality, especially if you get an HD camera, plus the flexibility of being able to take your tablet and external camera just about anywhere. Clients appreciate variety in webcam shows, so the freedom to move with a portable computer device like a smartphone or tablet, even if you connect a higher-quality external camera, is usually a lot better and will help you earn more money.

Like everything in the business, you will learn what works best for you as you go along. It is usually best to start simple with the equipment that you have before investing a lot of money in expensive equipment just to get started. Get set up and start earning some money before you plan a budget for improving your gear.

Can I use iOS or Android?

While not all adult camming sites are Mac friendly, the iOS system that runs your iPhone or iPad are supported on most good sites. So, if you are thinking of using a laptop like a MacBook or a home computer from Apple, you may need to find a way to work around the problem. Fortunately, PC-emulating software is available to ensure a working connection, or you might want to use your mobile device or tablet.

Android phone camming should work really well. As long as your mobile device has plenty of data for good streaming speeds and a quality camera for best images, you should have no problem when it comes to android phone camming, after you have downloaded the app to conserve bandwidth for your work.

High-Definition Video

The whole point of adult webcamming is to show yourself off attractively to customers who want to see you. Obviously, the quality of the camera you use is crucial to how well you do. Some adult camming sites feature an indicator for streams that are in HD, so it is important to have a high definition camera giving the best images available.

External webcams are available online and in local electronics stores. They are mostly inexpensive for the quality that you can get, which will give you noticeably better results with clear, high-definition images in your video stream.

Get Started Today

You’ve probably heard that there is good money to be made in the adult camming business, and you have heard right. Like any new business, when you get started it is best to start simple while you are learning the skills you will need. If you can avoid a lot of investment in expensive equipment and get started with mobile phone camming from your smartphone, or even use your tablet to webcam on adult camming sites, you are better off using what you have than spending a bunch of money to get started. Earn some money first, and then evaluate whether equipment upgrades will help your business as it grows.

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