A Webcam Model is an individual that performs live via internet, in front of an audience. This individual can be male, female, or any other identity they choose to be.

At Webcam Models 69, our models are paid on a weekly basis. However YOU SET YOUR OWN HOURS. Models are paid by real money (not tokens) every time a client enters your paid private chat. As with any business, the more satisfied customers you acquire, the more money you will make. Models that work for WebcamModels69.com usually earn anywhere from $1500-3500/week.

The job objective of a webcam model is to provide affable customer service to all clients. Models are not only expected to have fun, but also maintain professionalism. Every time you receive a client you will be paid. The more satisfied your clients are the more you will be paid.

Everyone is unique in their own way. There are plenty of clients for everyone, no matter what the appearance. It is your personality that will win the clients vs. appearance.

It is OUR job to provide you with clientele. Your job as a model is just to log in and begin chatting.

Being a webcam model is equivalent to any other legitimate job or career. Please note that any income over the amount of $600 with this company, you will receive a 1099-MISC form by mail. You will be considered as an Independent Contractor for IM Management INC.

At webcammodels69.com, we take confidentiality very seriously. All information about both models and clients will NEVER be shared with a 3rd party representative, unless required by law. This rule also applies to IP addresses.

At WebcamModels69.com, you do have the option of restricting certain cities, states, and countries if requested. If certain places have restricted access, your traffic levels will be lower.

All shows are only available to stream. They are protected from recording and downloading.

No, we do not. As soon as you finish with your client(s); you will be paid of 100% of all earnings. We NEVER deduct payment for any reason at all.

For weekly payments through Direct Deposit (US Only) is $20. For payments by check (US Only) the minimum is $50. For payments through Paxum the minimum is also $50. For payments through International Wire Transfer the minimum is $100 with a $20 fee. In any case you don’t meet the minimum payout, all earning will rollover to the next week.

Currently, we offer payment by check through the mail, direct deposit for US citizens, or Paxum and International Wire Transfer.

Models and referral agents are paid every week. Please note that it takes about two weeks to receive your very first payment. After this two week period you will begin to receive weekly payments for work completed for the week prior. We send out payments from Saturday at 6pm EST (Eastern US time) to Saturday at 5:59pm EST.

For clarity, here is how each pay period works: 

  1.  Week One: Work Week One
  2.  Week Two: Work week 2; week one payment is processing
  3.  Week Three: Paid for week one; work week three and week 2 payment processing


Upon approval, you will be sent a link to manage your account login. This link will allow you to view and manage payment information. The log-in page is labeled Performer Login.

Also known as Party Chat, this is a new feature to our site. You will need the following to join: 

  1.  Streaming with the HD Encoder
  2.  Must use audio and talk while performing
  3.  A 4.5 rating
  4.  Connected to an Ethernet cable and not wireless
  5.  Have an i5 or i7 processor

The application process for webcammodels69.com is very feasible. You will first need to complete our online application. Verification of identity and age (18 years or more) will be conducted. Upon approval you can begin working as a webcam model for our company.

Webcammodels69.com is a free site to join. There aren’t any membership or cancellation fees when you join.

We are ALWAYS searching for new male and female talent. If you are 18 years of age with proper identification, English language proficiency, and a computer with good internet connection; you are always encouraged to apply.

For any reason a background check occurs, you will be presented as an independent contractor for IM Management INC, and not as a webcam model.

Our models come from different parts of the world. As long as you are proficient in the English language with proper ID or passport that shows your date of birth, you are encouraged to apply. Unfortunately models form Cuba, Iraq, Iran, and Lybia are not eligible to apply.

You are welcome to work for other companies in addition to WebcamModels69.com. We kindly ask that you refrain from working on other sites at the same time as with WebcamModels69.com.

Couples and groups are the most popular amongst our clients. Each individual that you perform with must apply and have an approved account with us. The other model(s) also must be signed under a separate stage name or as a guest. There isn’t any limit on how many other models that can participate in your show.

Nudity is solely at your discretion. If you do not feel comfortable with being nude live; it is to the model’s best interest that he/she informs their clients beforehand to avoid any conflicts.

All nude webcam jobs are available to any model that wishes to do so. Being a nude webcam model is very common. You are encouraged to try, if you are new to the industry.

Yes you can be topless in free chat. Just remember anything more than that, the client must pay.

At webcammodels69.com, we want you to feel comfortable with any suggestions that you make. Please be aware that our clients prefer to associate a name with a face. This helps them feel more comfortable. If you choose to block important areas such as the face or eyes, there is a possibility of reduced traffic to your profile.

Any webcam model can work in any destination. As long as you have web-camming capabilities on your device and a strong internet connection; please feel free to work in any location that you deem appropriate.

Our support staffs at webcammodels69.com are available 24/7 with any questions, concerns, and for technical support.

As an independent contractor, you set your own hours. You have the freedom to work as much or as little as you like. Just like any other profession, you have to put in a little time if you want to increase your earnings.

It is a guarantee that all our webcam models will receive exposure every time they go live. Every model will be live on the biggest adult networking websites with up to 500 million visitors a month with specific preferences every day.

With millions of people browsing on so many different websites simultaneously; this is how our models make the most money. This type of exposure you can’t receive on any other cam site or network.

We at webcammodels69 ask the following when performing live:

1) Please refrain from any misconduct towards models and clients alike

2) Badmouthing models and clients is NOT allowed

3) NO ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES. If any activity is illegal in your location simply do not perform that act via webcam.

4) For your protection, keep all personal information, including payments to yourself

5) Anyone not approved to appear on our site, should NOT appear on webcam with you.

Failure to comply will result in suspension or termination of your account.

As an independent contractor, you create your own work schedule. In the case of a leave of absence, we ask that you long once every 90 days to avoid account termination. This keeps you an active member in our system. If you decide that you permanently want to deactivate your account with us, all earnings prior to deactivation will be paid out to you as guaranteed.

We take special pride in providing a safe platform for our model to perform on. We do understand that there will be occasions with troublesome clients. In any instance you feel like you are being harassed by ANY of our clients after discussing the issue with him/her personally. Feel free to block that individual. If a client continues to contact you after being placed on a permanent block by the model; DO NOT hesitate to contact us at support@webcammodels69.com immediately. We want our models to be working on a safe platform.

You are encouraged to be as innovative as possible with your segments. You are suggested that you do not perform either of the two due to the possible release of personal information. If you can’t provide rewards at the time during your time on our site or on any other services that we offer; we advise that you DO NOT. Violation of account rules may result in suspension or possible termination of your account. During this time we reserve the right to withhold payments.

We offer a referral agent program for our models. Models and agents alike receive a 10% bonus from each model that they refer to us.

A laptop or desktop is okay to use. With us you can also stream from any Apple or Android device. A strong internet connection with a .65 MB/sec upload speed. HD cameras that produce a 720p output is strongly recommended for optimal results. You can check your internet speed by visiting www.speedtest.net to find out.