What do you need to become a cam model?

You only need three pieces of equipment to start streaming: a computer, a webcam and an internet connection. That’s it!

Basic computer system

You just need a basic computer system having the average configuration and running Windows or Mac OS to start streaming.

A webcam or camera

To stream for your audience, you will need a good quality webcam, including a built-in laptop camera or camcorder and capture card for crystal clear video. It is also possible to get a basic webcam for your computer at a very cheap price today.

An internet connection

Today, almost everyone has access to good speed internet connections. You can use your home broadband or Wi-Fi system to stream online to earn money. Any internet connection will do the job, but faster connections will ensure a better video quality and customer experience.

Webcam modeling tips

Elegant surroundings

First of all, you will need to select a decent place that may look appealing and attractive to the audience. There should be a good arrangement of lighting so that viewers can see you clearly.

Good camera quality

It will be better if you can spend something extra on your webcam system. If you are able to find HD quality webcam to stream your video, it will provide better user experience to the audience.

Account settings

You should also try to create an attractive profile so that you can impress the audience. Pick the name, profile picture and biography details carefully to make good impressions on audience.

Be comfortable and natural

During your performance, you should act naturally and should seem comfortable to the audience. They want to see the real you on cam.

Talk with viewers

By talking with your viewers, you will make a better impression and you will be able to convince them to spend money by creating excitement in free chat.

Switch the timing

You should try to switch the timing to know when you can get the maximum audience and viewers. It will be better to check for the audience in late-night.

Don’t stress out over annoying coworkers or bosses!

How do webcam modeling jobs work?

Where will you work?

If you join us to make money, you can start working from any location where you have a computer, a webcam and an internet connection.

No experience needed

To start working with us, you do not need any modeling experience.

Do not have to sign anything

While working with us as a webcam model, you do not need to sign any contract or paper to make money online.

How much you earn?

We are known to provide about 20% extra as compared to other modeling agencies. Models earnings will depend on traffic and money spent by the customers

How often will I get paid?

Payments are issued weekly for the previous week worked. You will get payments directly to your preferred method of payment that you have provided while creating an account.

What is the minimum I have to make before I get paid?

We have a $20 minimum payout for Direct Deposit (US Only) and $50 Minimum for Check (US Only) and Paxum. Wire Transfer is $100 minimum. International Payments are via Wire Transfer and Paxum only.

No education needed – not even a GED or high school diploma