How to Become a Successful Webcam Couple

How to Become a Successful Webcam Couple

Have you ever been so madly in love with someone that you just want to show it off to everyone? Or maybe, you love having wild foreplay and sex with your partner that feels like it is out of a movie? Whatever you get the most pleasure out of in your relationship, have you ever thought about getting paid for it? Couples webcam is a fun and exciting way to make money while strengthening your relationship and building a strong fan base. If you are curious as to what a cam couple does and how to make a lot of money doing so, then you have come to the right place. All you need to know about becoming a successful webcam couple is in this article and by the end of it, you will feel confident and empowered to embark on this crazy new adventure with your lover.

What does a Cam Couple have to do?

There is a big difference between a webcam couple and a successful webcam couple. You might be wondering: what is the difference? Successful couples do whatever it takes to please their audience and they spend time on technology, props, costumes, hair, make-up, body language practice and their overall appearance. Webcam couples talk to the camera and engage in exciting, sexy foreplay to turn on their audience. If you want to attract viewers and make a lot of money, you have to be daring and do whatever the audience asks you to. While being shy is cute, being confident and sexy is important in being a successful webcam couple. It is also important to remember that as a webcam couple, viewers want to feel like they are part of the foreplay or performance. There is something about a three some that turns people on and makes them want more. Don’t be afraid to talk to the viewers like they are in the room with you, and make sure you devote attention to them while giving it to each other. Introducing a Partner to the Camera Most times, one partner will be more comfortable or experienced in front of the camera than the other. Before starting any web-cam performances, talk with your partner and have a game plan before beginning. This may be things they are comfortable with, a safe word, or setting a time line for their participation in the videos. Some partners may not be as into performing as their other partner and that is ok! What you want to remember is that the audience wants you to have fun and entertain them. The partner who is more comfortable with web-cam performing can ease the anxiousness or nervousness of the newbie performer by asking the audience to welcome them, taking control over what they do, and being more of the dominating lover. It is always nerve-wracking putting yourself out there in front of strangers, especially when you have to be sexual and intimate with them! Take it slow, have confidence, and interact with them. You have to build connections with the audience in order to gain popularity amongst them.

Things to Remember as a Couple

Couples who have natural chemistry are undoubtedly hot to watch on camera. There is something easy about their love that makes it appealing to watch and even relate to for some people. If your partner is nervous or awkward on camera, you may want to rehearse what you will do in the bedroom beforehand. Perhaps, you may want to suggest something your partner enjoys the most or is comfortable with. Or, you can rehearse things you both like that you know you can do well once on camera. A quick pep talk with your significant other can also do the trick. Suggesting something out of your partner’s comfort zone in front of a bunch of viewers is not the best way to encourage them. The most important thing to remember is always consider your lover’s feelings and emotions during the live web cam. It is also important to emotionally prepare yourself. You would probably be surprised to know how many viewers get mad or jealous towards certain couples. For example, male viewers might become jealous of the male partner of a couple if they become very interested in the female partner. For some viewers, it can be hard to detach themselves emotionally from a relationship if they become overly intrigued by a certain performer. You must talk about these issues with your partner before engaging in web-camming. Lesbian couples or gay couples also need to take into account that viewers will comment on who has better boobs, stomachs, or genitalia. While these comments are impossible to filter out, you can do your part by ignoring them and continuing to show each other off on camera. When customers see you complementing one another and getting turned on by each other, they will hopefully see the beauty in everyone. Always establish strong communication between you and your partner – if you do not do this, there could be troubles that arise!

Things to Avoid

You want to remember that people are tuning in to see you and your partner in front of the camera. They do not want to have you taking too many breaks where they are stuck watching your bed, couch, or whatever is in the background. To avoid this from happening, use the washroom before hopping on, and keep water and other refreshments nearby so you do not have to leave the camera to go get them. Just be sure to store them in a place that is not visible to the camera!

Another thing you want to avoid is not chatting with the audience. We have said this before but it is so important – chat with your viewers! A lot of viewers watch these kinds of web cams for some type of validation or recognition; make everyone watching feel welcomed and sexy.

The last main thing you want to avoid is not speaking loud enough with your partner on camera. Those watching want to know what you are saying and feel like they are in the bedroom with you. Avoid whispering as much as possible to keep everyone happy and engaged.

How to Earn Money Fast Like any business

You cannot except to earn tons of money overnight. You can, however, earn lots of money fast by working hard. Some tips to earning money is setting up a schedule of when you will be online and what you will be doing. By doing this, not only will you and your partner know what to expect each week to prepare for, but your audience will know when to watch also. You can earn a lot of followers by doing so because they know when to tune in. If you sporadically cam, it not only creates an irregular schedule, but makes it look like your passion is not there for couple webcam.

It is essential to join a reputable web cam site, such as, who make it free to join and easy to earn money. Look around for the right company because not all are the same. You want to partner with a website that you feel comfortable with and mirrors your beliefs and expectations when it comes to all things web camming. Cam models typically do not pick the first website they come across, they keep their options open! Always keep your partner in the decision-making process because if you do not, this could lead to some tension or disagreements down the road.

It is ideal if you have good quality camera equipment to ensure high-quality video footage. No one wants to watch blurry, slow, or distorted webcam couples. Therefore, to ensure your guests are satisfied, have good quality footage and audio so that you are offering the whole package to your audience. This confirms to your fans that you care about their viewing experience. The worst thing that can happen with bad footage is viewers leave the video and go elsewhere, and this can dramatically impact your earnings and viewings. Buy a webcam that has HD streaming even if you have to pay a little more; it is an investment that will pay off.

The next thing you want to take into consideration is your profile name and photo. Think of a sexy, fun, and appealing name that stands out. You do not want to be the only hotcouple69 or sexytime69 – be original! Come up with a name that makes viewers want to click your photo. And when it comes down to your photo, make it good! So many people make the mistake by choosing a blurry, unflattering, or unclear photo. Remember, the first thing viewers will judge you on is your photo, so pick a good one. It should be of both you and your partner and it should draw the viewer in. Maybe you just want to post the lower parts of your body or just your lips, this makes viewers want more – they want to see who you are and what you are all about. Think of your profile name and photo as a resume, take it seriously!

Additionally, you may want to consider doing special performances to make your viewers even more excited to watch. If it is around the Christmas season or the 4th of July, add in some seasonal props or outfits to increase the passion and excitement. Viewers will not only appreciate the sexy outfits, but they will feel like you care about their viewing pleasure for putting the time into the outfits or props. As an alternative, ask viewers to vote on what they would like to see you and your partner doing, or perhaps something just for you or just for your partner. This allows viewers to feel like they are a part of your story and relationship.

Manage Your Money

Being a successful cam model with your partner means being wise with your earnings. One of the biggest problems that can surface with going into a business as a couple is money! What do you do with it? How much do you save or spend? These are all good questions that can make or break a webcam couple’s business. As you begin raking in the dough, you will want to have a game plan for your finances. Speaking with a financial advisor may be ideal, or simply opening a joint or savings account for your money. Decide as a couple how much your salary will be, how much you want to save, and how much you need for bills or other essentials. Do this before you start making lots of money so you know what to do when you become successful. A successful webcam couple is smart with their money! The Take-Away When it comes down to it, you want to take your time to plan out your business with your partner. While it may seem like a silly business, it is not. Web-camming can be a lucrative career that is rewarding, it all depends on how much persistence and patience you put into it. Being able to have fun with your partner while pleasing the audience is fun, exhilarating, and competitive! It is not the business for the faint of heart because you have to be able to work hard and film regularly and creatively. People don’t want to see the same old stuff all the time, they want to see new content and have fun while interacting with you and your partner.


Being a web cam couple is not for everyone, so look into it to make sure it is the right path for you. Speak with your partner to make sure they are prepared to flaunt themselves and you in front of the camera (most importantly) – not everyone is comfortable with this. Sometimes you try it and find it is not for you and that is ok! If you are in doubt of your feelings towards web-camming, especially as a couple, give it a try! You may find yourself having the time of your life.

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