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Make tons of money from home as a cam model with the best cam site with huge traffic & get paid promptly each week! We welcome men, women & couples (straight or gay/lesbian).

What do you need?

We will require proof of Identity and age (18 years or older) to become a performer of You will also need a PC with a minimum Intel i7 processor, a webcam like the Logitech C920, at the minimum and a high speed Internet connection with upload speed over 450kbps. You can also stream Live On Phones And Tablets via "Puffin" that can be downloaded and installed for free through Google Play. You do NOT need to wait to apply before acquiring these items.

Apply Online as a Webcam Model

Apply online

To become a cam model, you will need to fill the online Signup form to apply to us. We will set up your account after checking your age and Government ID. The sign-up process is easy and 100% free.

Set up a public profile

Set up a public profile

You can easily set up your online profile about you and your interests and with at least one photo for your public profile and other required information to attract the maximum customers to check out your profile.

Start earning with us

Start earning with us

Once you completed the profile setup, wait for your account to be approved, then you can start streaming live for the audience and can start earning money instantly from the first day.

Cam Model Sign Up

Use the form below to apply as a webcam model and begin work the same day!


  • – Must be 18 years of age or older with a valid photo goverment issued transportation type ID (Driver’s License), passport, or other legal proof of age.
  • – Have a modern computer PC/MAC (400Mhz+/256mb+) or laptop, a good quality WEBCAM and MICROPHONE and a high speed internet connection (300kbit uplink min.) Click here to test speed. You can also stream using your phone or tablet (Click here to view how).

Signing Up as a Couple or a Group

Apart from the single model accounts, also offers couples and group accounts. While the procedure for signing up as a group or a couple is almost the same as that of single model accounts, there are a few differences which include:

  • – When filling the model application form, WebcamModels69 allows only a single model to become the primary account holder. That is the individual whose address, names, and any other personal details appear in the initial part of the application. Moreover, that is the person who gets paid. Once the payroll gets prepared, every account will receive only a single payment. Due to this, the primary account holder is typically responsible for dishing out payments to the rest of the members.​​
  • – To register a group or couple account, the model must select the correct gender when filling the fields on the registration form. For instance, in the model category, a girlfriend/boyfriend couple should select Female/Male.
  • – If a group selects a multi-user model category, additional fields will instantly show up on the application to capture information about the other members of the account.
  • – When inputting the username, groups and couples are urged to come up with a name that indicates that they are using a multi-user account, such as TwoHotBabes, ThreeSexyGirls among others.
  • – The main photo of the account must feature all the models using the account together.
  • – Every member of the account should also provide ID photos, and every individual will have to e-sign their set of documents. After that, all the documents will be sent to the email addresses of each member respectively as indicated on the account.

Besides being a member of a group or couples account, a model can also register for a single model account, since these two types of accounts are entirely independent of each other. If a model entirely streams as a part of a group or couples account, then she doesn’t require a single model account. Nevertheless, if she wants to get her account, she can still have it. When broadcasting as a group or couple, all the models in that account should be visible during the streaming session. A model is not allowed to transmit alone using a Group or Couples account. If a model wants to stream on her own at times, she should register for a solo model account to do that.

Know the rules

No full nudity in free chat

During free chat, you are not allowed to continue nudity below your waist area. This is to prevent minors' exposure to adult material.

Do not share private information

Models are not allowed to share their private information like phone numbers, email, home address or other personal contact or payment information to clients during live streaming.

No illegal activities

Do not do anything which is illegal in your area while working with us

No mention of other websites

You are not allowed to mention other websites like Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Paypal or anything otherwise your account may be suspended or terminated permanently.